About The Project

My Health My Community is a non-profit partnership between Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH)Fraser Health (FH) and the eHealth Strategy Office (eHSO) at the University of British Columbia (UBC), which seeks to involve you, your community and community organizations.

The My Health My Community survey is an exciting opportunity to learn how our lifestyle, our environment, neighbourhood characteristics and daily interactions affect our health over time.

The survey asks people, aged 18 and up who live in the Vancouver Coastal Health and Fraser Health regions, to provide information about their health, lifestyle choices, community involvement and neighbourhood characteristics. This information will help us improve future community programs and services that are more relevant to your health and wellness needs.

My Health My Community follows strict privacy practices that govern how your information is collected, who will be able to see your information and how that information will be used. Protecting your personal information is extremely important to My Health My Community and safeguards are in place to ensure your privacy.

Mission: To improve the health and well-being of the communities we serve.

Vision: Communities of engaged individuals who provide a local-level perspective on health and wellness.

Values: Encouraging and supporting shared responsibility with the people we serve in their own care and in the improvement of our services, and fostering respectful collaboration among our communities.

My Health My Community is a web-based health and wellness survey that gives residents the opportunity to help influence their community’s health priorities. This innovative new initiative was created through a joint partnership between Vancouver Coastal Health, Fraser Health and the UBC Faculty of Medicine eHealth Strategy Office.

My Health My Community will gather specific information about the health status and health needs of the local population - a vital step in planning, delivering, and evaluating local health programs and policies. This information will be used by local governments, healthcare decision-makers, academia, and community stakeholders to collaboratively tackle health inequalities and shape community services and amenities to meet local needs.

In order to appropriately develop, implement and evaluate local-level programs and policies, an accurate understanding of community health status, needs and well-being is crucial. While national or provincial surveys may provide data for larger geographical areas, and health service utilization statistics may illustrate one aspect of community health needs, there remains a clear gap in comprehensive, relevant and representative local level health and wellness information.

To prepare for the June 2013 launch, we successfully conducted two pilot projects over the past year to address specific community issues in Richmond and the North Shore.

  • Healthy Richmond - baseline survey for the evaluation and advancement of the Richmond Community Wellness Strategy. The report and recommendations were endorsed by the City of Richmond. 

  • North Shore Community Wellness Survey - gathered information related to residents’ health and wellness in order to develop and guide local community services that support the goals of the North Shore Child and Family Friendly Community Charter. Preliminary results presented to North Shore local governments and community agencies; full report released in October 2013. 

Survey participants will be encouraged to provide information about their health status and lifestyle choices, in order to establish a baseline and track data over time. Field outreach teams will be on the ground and at community locations to raise awareness and to ensure residents from all walks of life are reached.

My Health My Community - Your Voice for a Healthier Community, Be a part of it!

About The Graphic Design

Krista Lawson's design was chosen as the winner of the My Health My Community Design Contest held in 2012.

Krista's design was chosen because it embodies My Health My Community's values - wellness, inclusiveness and connectedness. The logo takes the pulse of the community, which is what My Health My Community intends to do.

Krista says, “When the My Health My Community design contest was announced, I wanted to contribute in my own way, to the development of a program that will help us improve future health programs and services and possibly help prevent disease and improve strategies for the early detection and treatment of illnesses. The two main components of the icon are health and community. The city icon could be a local neighbourhood, or it could be a skyline, it had to represent the massive range of communities the program would be operating in. The heart beat (EKG) line represents health and the way health flows through our communities."

Krista is an award winning graphic designer with nearly eight years of experience. Learn more about Krista and her freelance graphic design company, Black Rook Design, at www.blackrookdesign.com.

More Information

For more information about My Health My Community, please go to our Contact Us page and drop us a note.